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Our Goodies

Our Goodies

The Rahet Bally Card

The Rahet Bally Limited Edition Card

The Rahet Bally Mama Transformation Program

The Rahet Bally Mama-to-Be-Program



Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive Discounts

Save Like Our Mamas

Save Like Our Mamas

Rahet Bally has been my second family every since I got pregnant. They got me through my first year of being a mom with all the love an care. With their help I opened up my own business and they still continue to help me grow it more and more.

Their Rahet Bally card saved me a lot of money and effort of searching for anything I want; their catalogue is brilliant!

May we, Rahet Bally family always have each other!

Nada Habib

The Rahet bally card is my BEST FRIEND    

Whenever I go out, I have to take it with me, it helps me BIG TIME because it includes most of the places me & my kids go to

They’ve also got the best service around the clock; Rahet Bally’s team always update me with new places to visit & ideas to do for both myself & the kids. It’s basically got our back in everything that serves our healthy & happiness. I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE MY CARD 

Lobna El Leithy

A discount card that really works! Finally after years of useless cards, the Rahet Bally Card gives practicality and real value. It targets stores and services on our actual day-to-day list and delivers what it promises…a real Rahet Bally

Reem Mamdouh

What I love most about the Rahet Bally Card is that it offers Rahet Ball on so many different levels; from healthcare, wellness, mommy pampering and delicious treats to fashion, party planning, kids workshops, play areas and so much more. The team behind Rahet Bally never fails to amaze me. I love my Rahet Bally Card and the fact that it has made my life much easier by allowing me to shop online and get it delivered to my home with exclusive discounts.

Kamilla Moustafa

Our Activities

Our Activities

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10 أسباب لتساقط الشعر بغزارة بشكل مستمر

شعر الست مهم جدًا عندها، وتساقط الشعر بيبقى مشكلة بتسبب قلق وخجل لكتير من الستات. الشعر طبيعي إنه يقع منه من 50 لـ100 شعرة...
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