The fashion industry in Egypt is growing rapidly with many Egyptian Fashion Brands dazzling us with their creativity. When it comes to baby fashion, there have always been so many adorable items that you just can’t resist, but it’s even cuter when Egyptian local clothing brands make matching outfits for mommies and their children. We’ve put together a few local Egyptian brands that make super cool mommy & Me outfits:


Photo Credit: Arzaq

One of the great things about this Facebook group is that it can not only create and customize anything you and your little ones want, but there’s also a very strong social cause behind the concept of the group. The workers are underprivileged women who put their heart and soul into making designs using Egyptian fabrics in order to come up with unique designs that will make you and your little ones shine.

When fashion and good deeds are combined together to help these fascinating women who have taken initiative and are helping support their families by doing something creative, everything you and your little one will wear will be a work of art for a good cause.

Diva Dolls

Photo Credit: Diva Dolls

Designed by Egyptian fashion designer Nada Akram and Dania El Banawy, Diva dolls is not only an Egyptian brand for kids but also has funky matching items for moms, too. Bring out the true diva in you and choose from various designs that are super cool and picture-worthy for you and your daughter.


Photo Credit: Inkrypt

A customized, hand-painted pair of shoes matched with your daughter or son is something that will make you smile every time you look down at your feet. You can either decide to go with one of the awesome designs shown on inkrypt’s Instagram account or customize your own favorite characters, animals, patterns or themes. Make your dream shoes come to life and match it with your little one to get two pairs of super happy feet.

Dazzle Divas

Photo Credit: Dazzle Divas

If you’re looking for a stylish local Egyptian fashion brand for kids, this Instagram account makes some pretty unique designs that your kids will absolutely love. But, when it comes to Egyptian brands for moms, they can even make you a stunning matching outfit, leaving you both looking absolutely incredible, trendy and elegant.

Ng’s Designs

Photo Credit: Ng’s Designs

Whether you’re looking for matching evening wear or casual wear, Ng’s designs have some really cool options for you and your kids. Match your sense of style and catch everyone’s eyes in the process with awesome mommy & me outfits.

Mommy & Me

Photo Credit: Mommy & Me

From t-shirts to hoodies and denim jackets, you’ll find various options to suit your style at Mommy & Me. With designs that both you and your daughter would love to wear, it’s a great way to suit both your fashion senses and still look matchy-matchy!

Shibshibi Footwear

Photo Credit: Shibshibi Footwear

Get ready for Christmas with these matching winter sliders that will keep both your feet and your little girl’s warm and stylish. You’ll be ready for all the festivities in no time!

Nas Trends

Photo Credit: Nas Trends

With some of the coolest t-shirts and hoodies, Nas Trends have something not just for the mommy and daughter, but for the entire family. You can all get a matching t-shirt or hoodie, with local designs or cool illustrations and up your fashion game as a family.

Nada Akram Designs

Photo Credit: Hoda Enan

While Nada Akram usually focuses on trendy Egyptian inspired outfits, she also has super cool matching mommy and me designs for mothers and daughters. In the latest Rahet Bally event at Majjarah, Nada Akram’s designs were part of the fashion show by real mommies. This photo was taken during the event to portray the mix of funkiness and trendiness of her mommy and me collection.


Photo Credit: Cotojama

Who said you can’t wear matching outfits at home, too? Being stylish and looking cool with matching mommy and me pajamas and even Pjs for the whole family, you’re bound to give quality time a whole new meaning with Cotojama.

It’s time to release your inner diva and match with your little ones with these awesome local fashion brands. Enjoy being a mommy and match in style and awesomeness.

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