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We all have that one baby oil bottle that’s lying on the shelf of our bathroom and we have no idea when we bought it or if it was a gift that came with some product we bought. If you’re a fan of baby oil, read on because you’ll find some genius baby oil hacks and uses that you have never tried before.


Cleaning remote control, keyboards, and earphones

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We all have grease in between remote control and laptop keyboard buttons, not to mention the oh-so-gross earphone dirt. Use cotton buds and baby oil to remove the dirt.


Making homemade playdough 

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Playdough made at home is a lot cleaner and safer than the store-bought one; at least you know what you’ve put in there. Baby oil can be a great substitute for the vegetable oil used to make homemade playdough. Here’s my tried-and-tested homemade playdough recipe:
4 tbsp flour
2 tbsp salt
Warm water (depends on the desired consistency)
1 tbsp baby oil
3-5 drops of safe food coloring


Removing makeup 

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Instead of buying liquid makeup removers or wipes, you can opt for that abandoned bottle of baby oil to remove makeup, but be careful around the eye. Using oil to clean your face means it will naturally dissolve the dirt on your skin without stripping its natural oils.


Fixing zippers

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Whether it’s a dress or a bag, baby oil is your answer. It can rescue you at the worst moments.


Making exfoliators and scrubs

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Baby oil can be used as a main ingredient in homemade scrubs. When you decide to pamper yourself, but don’t have a minute to breathe, always opt for the famous baby oil/sugar scrub, and you’re done before you even know it.


Before and after shaving 

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If you’re in a hurry and decided to get your shaver out, baby oil can be your best friend. Use it before and after shaving to soothe the skin and maintain its softness.


Foot and overall moisturizing

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Winter is knocking on our doors and most of us suffer from dry skin and especially feet. Use baby oil as an overall moisturizer. It will keep your skin soft and hydrated.


Preventing stretch marks 

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Every pregnant woman’s nightmare is stretch marks, especially around the belly and thighs. Apply baby oil on a daily basis on your belly and thighs as it allegedly lessens stretch marks. Note that baby oil will increase your skin elasticity but that does not necessarily mean that you will not get stretch marks at all. Even the most careful mom-to-be can have stretch marks especially at the end of her pregnancy.


 Shining leather

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A few drops of baby oil on a piece of cloth will revive and shine your leather belt, shoes, bag, wallet, wallet, etc.


Making lip gloss out of matte lipstick

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The last hack is the most wicked of them all. One smart beauty use of baby oil is applying a few drops of baby oil to your matte lipstick for an edgy and glossy look. Talk about versatility!


Have you tried any of these before? If you do use baby oil unconventionally, share with us your creations.

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