Gluten and dairy intolerances are heard of so often in our community, and thus, children’s birthdays have become a dilemma.  It’s one thing to serve your child safe food at home, but throwing a full birthday party is definitely a challenge.

Not anymore! If your child is allergic or intolerant to gluten and/or dairy, if a healthy lifestyle is a priority to you and you don’t give your children white wheat or refined sugar, or if you’re following a vegan lifestyle, here’s your guide to a gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free birthday cake in Cairo.


Panagias - birthday cakes in Cairo

Image source: Panagias

Panagias serves a wide range of vegan, gluten, dairy, egg, and sugar-free birthday cakes. And yes, they customize orders.

Cake serving 16-18 people: EGP 900.

Cake serving 30-34 people: EGP 1800.


Baked - - birthday cakes in Cairo

Image source: Baked

Baked makes a variety of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free cakes, not customized, but really delicious looking.

Cake serving 16 people: EGP 345.

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Chef Hamdy

Chef Hamdy - birthday cakes in Cairo

Image source: Chef Hamdy

The great thing about Chef Hamdy is that he customizes cakes, and that’s something rare if you’re looking for gluten and soy free options, but that also means sugar is used.

Cake serving 15 people: EGP 650.

Cake serving 30 people: EGP 1200.

These prices are for customized cakes. If you want to add plastic toys to decorate your birthday cake, the cost of these toys will be added to the total.

Sea Salt Bakery

sea salt bakery - birthday cakes in Cairo

Image source: Sea Salt Bakery

Every person with celiac disease would really appreciate this place. It’s a haven for people with food allergies. The good news is that Sea Salt Bakery makes birthday cakes too.

Prices start from EGP 400 – 700 and above, depending on the size.


kaju - birthday cakes in Cairo

Image source: Kaju

The queen brand of dairy-free and sugar-free ice cream or as vegans call it nice-cream. They only use natural ingredients. Kaju makes regular cakes and ice cream ones too.

Cake serving 5-8 people: EGP 450.

Share with us your experience if you’ve been through the same hassle with your allergic kid’s birthday. Let us know what you think when you try out these delicious cakes.

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