It’s the time of the year where every parent starts preparing their children for the school assessment process. Here are four of the most selective national schools’ application process.

Modern Education School

Photo credit: Modern Education School

After filling the online application and paying its fees at the school premises, you receive an email scheduling the interview date and time. The child’s interview is divided into 3 parts:

  • Academic exam: The child is asked to name animals, colors, shapes, and clothes items. He is given dough to form shapes and asked to color and solve age-appropriate puzzles. Make sure your child knows the difference between different wild animals like rhinoceros and hippopotamus.
  • Physical exam: Kids perform physical gross motor activities in the playground.
  • Free play: Children are given 10 minutes of free play together.
  • Parents accompany their kids throughout the whole interview except for the free play part. Parents’ interview is conducted at the same time as the academic interview in the same classroom. The interview is conducted in English and parents are asked about their professions, discipline strategies, screen time, bedtime stories, and whether they will help their kids with homework

In 2 – 3 weeks, you will receive a phone call upon acceptance and email if your child is rejected. Applying begins during the last 10 days of November.

The Egyptian Language School

Photo credit: Egyptian Language School

After filling the online application by the beginning of December, the interview date and time is confirmed.

  • Before the academic interview, kids play freely with kitchen toys and puzzles.
  • The academic interview includes questions about animals, colors, and shapes and kids are asked to perform fine motor skills activities.
  • The parents’ interview is conducted in English at the same time in the same classroom. They are asked about their children’s favorite activities, discipline strategies, and sleeping time.

Green Valley School

Photo credit: Green Valley School

You receive a call to set the interview date and time after you fill the online application. On the day of the interview, you pay the application fees. The child and parents’ interviews are conducted at the same time, in different places. Parents are asked mainly about their discipline strategies.

You receive an email within 7-10 days, whether your child is accepted or not. Applying starts by the end of November.

Nefertari Language School

Photo credit: Nefertari Language School

Applying for an assessment starts at the beginning of December for one day at the school premises. On the same day, the parents are interviewed.

  • Parents are asked to describe their kid’s character, how they would react in case they faced a problem with the school, and what they expect their kids to learn at school. After passing the parents’ interview, you receive a phone call to set the child’s interview date and time.
  • At the beginning of the interview, the child is asked some questions in English to break ice, like what he had for breakfast or his siblings’ names. Then they are asked the usual academic questions. Parents accompany their children throughout the whole interview.

Roots School

Photo credit: Roots School Facebook page

The kids’ interview is an academic one that includes questions about colors, shapes, and farm and wild animals. The parents sit in the same room.

  • In the parents’ interview, they are asked about the sleeping routine, screen time, sports, and what the parents expect from the school.

Please note that the above information is based on personal mothers’ experience from the Rahet Bally team and the process is subject to change annually. The stated dates and times are based on the academic year 2019/2020.

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