Autumn is a nightmare for any asthmatic child as it’s the high season of influenza, acute bronchitis, and synthesis. Since 10% of Egyptian kids are diagnosed with asthma, we interviewed Dr. Adel Khattab, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine at Ain Shams University, to guide every family out there. Prof. Khattab shared with us six things children with asthma should stay away from this season.


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It is highly recommended that the child’s bedroom floor is either HDF or tiles so it can be swept with water. Dusting is the worst triggering factor for an asthmatic kid because it keeps the dirt in the air. It’s also important to lessen the furniture in each room, so there are no hidden areas that can be filled with dust. Bedsheets and covers have to be exposed to sunlight daily to get rid of bed bugs. They should also be washed at a very high temperature.


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Khattab stressed on the importance of not kissing asthmatic babies and toddlers as adults might have sub-clinical infections with no clear symptoms, which are easily transferred to a kid through kissing.

Food to avoid

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It’s mistakenly believed that eggs, fish, and milk are harmful for asthmatic kids. However, troubling foods include strawberry, mango, banana, chocolate, preserved potato chips, foods with artificial colors, and black pepper. Mothers have to take care that allergic foods differ from one child to the other. The decision that something is an allergen has to be made after three tasting trials.

It’s very tricky when it comes to something like fish as some asthmatic chidlren get worse after eating it, but it is due to the spices, rather than the fish. Besides, there is a misconception that the more weight the child gains, the more immunity he has. On the contrary, obesity is very harmful for asthmatic children.

Sports to avoid

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There is a huge misconception that swimming is bad for asthmatic children. On the contrary, swimming is one of the best sports for kids as it helps them breathe better.

Stimulating odors

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It goes without saying that anyone with asthma has to avoid pesticides, air fresheners, and perfumes.


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Parents of an asthmatic children should avoid smoking, even if they don’t smoke in the presence of the child as the smoke and the odor are all over their clothes. It’s also inadvisable for an asthmatic child to be exposed to cooking smoke.


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Cats and dogs’ hair and fur are considered the worst trigger for asthmatic children, especially cats. Birds can also stimulate asthmatic attacks.

Wool and Fur

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It’s recommended that we use a cotton bed sheet under the woolen blanket, so there is no direct contact with the child’s face. Soft and fur toys are not recommended for asthmatic children.

Mothers have to be aware that it’s not about making their children wear extremely heavy clothes. It is more important that children’s noses and mouths are covered while going to school in the early morning. “Flu vaccine is highly important for asthmatic kids starting the age of six months, but not for kids who are allergic to eggs,” Dr. Adel Khattab assured us.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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