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Egypt Opens Shelter For Physically Abused Women in Giza

Egypt's Ministry of Social Solidarity announced launching a shelter for women who are victims of violence.

10 Mommy Facial Expressions That Mean You’re a Ticking Bomb

Exhaustion and motherhood come hand in hand. Here are some facial expressions that mean you need a very long break.

Where Wives Can Find Affordable Readymade Food in Cairo

We're all exhausted and minutes away from collapsing. That's the honest truth. Whether you're a new wife, a working or stay-at-home mom, the day...

Farida: Rahet Bally’s Inspiring Fashion Model with Down Syndrome

The Rahet bally Experience was the talk of the town this week, and so was Farida, our down syndrome inspiring fashion model with her beautiful mom, Noha.

Egyptian Student with Down Syndrome Heroically Changes University Curriculum

Egyptian student with Down syndrome, Sama Ramy, attempted to remove the degrading term 'Mongolian Idiocy' from Universities' curriculums, and thankfully she succeeded.

Kojak Supports Moms in First Inclusive Egyptian Fashion Show By Rahet...

Egyptian fashion designer Mohanad Kojak supports Rahet Bally's moms at the first-ever inclusive fashion show that represents the real mommies of Cairo at The Rahet Bally Experience event.

Egyptian Schools’ Interview Questions Your Child Must Know

When it's time for the much-dreaded school assessments, every parent wonders what his child will be asked. Check out everything we know about Egyptian schools' interviews.

Free LEGO Gifts and 100,000 Blocks to Build in Egypt? Yes,...

One of the biggest challenges parents have to face daily is walking around the house without getting injured by a random LEGO block. Another...

Inspiring Child with Facial Deformity Models for Egyptian Fashion Brand

Mohamed has been bullied for years due to his facial deformations until an Egyptian fashion brand endorsed him. The child's mother shares his inspiring story.
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