30-Minute Kitchen Rule Every Egyptian Working Mom Should Apply

Passant El-Refaey


As working mothers, we often want to feed our families healthy nutritious food, but that remains a wish. It’s difficult to get back home to cook after a super long day. And thus, many of you mamas, rely on deep-fried or half-cooked food from stores, because let’s face it, this is the fastest thing you can do. You are wrong, you can make nutritious warm meals at home and you can be just as fast. How? It’s the magic of my 30-minute rule.

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The key here is to be well prepared and organized:

  • Choose one day of the week when you are free. It might be your weekly day-off or a weekday with fewer commitments.
  • Buy your groceries and what you need to cook on that day.
  • While shopping, remember that a balanced meal should contain vegetables and leafy greens (fibers), carbs, and protein. Go for cubed and chopped veggies, as most local greengrocery stores have that already.

Vegetables and leafy greens:

Batch prepared salads

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Prepare a large bowl of salad and store in an airtight container. Salads will stay fresh in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days. Please don’t skip the salad, because it’s your major source of fibers. Opt for ready-cut salads if that’d make your life easier.

Stock up on frozen vegetables


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While most of us prefer fresh vegetables, frozen veggies are good too. They are still nutritious and will rescue you in hectic days.

Make plenty of sauce and store it

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Most of our Egyptian foods depend greatly on certain sauces. Prepare a good big amount that’d last a week or two, divide them into separate zip-lock bags, and freeze them. Take out and defrost as needed.


Cook enough rice for 2 days

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You usually won’t tell if the rice was cooked yesterday. The same applies to quinoa. Cook rice that’d last for 2 days and on the third day you can cook something different like pasta or baked potatoes.


Portion your protein

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When you buy protein, portion it according to the number of family members before freezing and marination. You can also cook and freeze minced beef for super busy days.

Set a timer, and you’ll find out that you won’t exceed 30 minutes. Let us know how it went with you busy mamas out there. We just want you to know…WE FEEL YOU!


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