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There are so many Egyptian foods that are said to increase a new mommy’s milk supply when breastfeeding. So, instead of eating foods that will just make you gain weight without actually aiding you in your breastfeeding process, here is the truth about these Egyptian foods for breastfeeding and whether or not they should be part of your diet:



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You’re bound to have heard this one quite often when you’re breastfeeding. “Eat Halawa and you’ll find your milk supplying flowing” they said. But is it really true? Or are you just adding a whole lot of kilos and fat on to your body?

The truth is, Halawa itself doesn’t have any benefits in terms of increasing your breast-milk. However, it is effective for some people due to a very simple reason: With the amount of fats evident in Halawa, it makes you feel very thirsty, leading you to drink a whole lot of fluids. These fluids are the reason behind your milk flow NOT halawa itself. So, skip the halawa and drink a lot of liquids and you’ll have the same effect minus the extra weight.


Fenugreek (Helba)

For decades, Helba has been suggested as an important herb that boosts breast milk, regardless of its smelly side-effects. Every breastfeeding mother wants to know whether that stinky smell is actually worth it when it comes to this common Egyptian herb. While we’d like to tell you to ditch the fenugreek and use something more scent-friendly, there are many studies that indicate that helba really does increase the supply of milk for a breast-feeding mama by almost double the amount. This is because it stimulates sweat production (hence the yucky smell), which in parallel boosts the mammary glands that supply milk as they are considered to be part of the sweat glands that have been modified by hormonal stimulation. So, get ready to take a lot of showers, invest in a good deodorant and get that helba going to keep your baby nourished with a constant supply of breast milk.



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One of the reasons this Egyptian drink is said to be a great source for breastfeeding is because of the ingredients it contains such as fenugreek, sugar, sesame and ghee. With the combination of the these components, moghat is said to get your sweat glands working rapidly, as well as making you thirsty due to the amount of fats and sugar it contains, making you drink even more fluids and boosting your milk supply to the maximum. So, if you’re wondering whether this Egyptian drink is worth it when it comes to breastfeeding, it definitely is!



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If you’re wondering whether these mini bites of heaven that satisfy your sugar cravings are beneficial for breastfeeding and increasing your milk supply, then get ready to make your sweet tooth happy. One of the reasons dates are popular for breastfeeding mamas is because it aids in increasing the hormone proclatin which is responsible for producing milk. Not only will it boost your milk supply, but dates are also rich in calcium, fiber and naturally sweet for your liking.


Rocca leaves

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There’s a reason rocca leaves are a super food and one that really boost the supply of milk for breastfeeding mums and that’s because it has high levels of calcium, iron and vitamins which help supply the breast milk with strong calcium. This really aids in the child’s growth and formation of strong bones. Greany leaves in general are a great source for breastfeeding moms.


The next time someone gives you advice or introduces a myth about Egyptian breastfeeding super foods, be sure to double check here just how true it is.



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