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Having a child with learning difficulties isn’t always easy to spot. You might think that your child is just being lazy or not focusing enough, but in reality, they have a problem.

Most parents tend to fear labels and avoid resorting to any sort of aid under the pretense that there’s nothing wrong with their child. However, it is important to understand that having a learning difficulty doesn’t mean that your child is abnormal. It just means that there are certain things that their brain needs to learn how to do manually, instead of being done automatically.

While the fear of getting labeled by society can sometimes be difficult to overcome, there are times when the treatment can really help improve your child’s behavior and learning skills.

In order to get your child assessed and understand if they need further support, here a few places in Cairo that help aid children with learning difficulties:


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If you sense that your child has difficulties performing day to day activities, following instructions or loses focus easily, then they might need aid in developing certain abilities. Located in New Cairo, AFAQ’s mission is to cater to specific learning and developmental needs of children by offering multi-disciplinary approaches, screenings, and assessments to identify the best way to help overcome your child’s struggles.

After that, AFAQ also helps put together a plan to aid in extending a child’s knowledge through teaching the brain to overcome certain difficulties as well as learning how to deal with day to day life activities in the society. The center has one of the best occupational therapy programs in town. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page or contact them at 0111 605 5552.


Bluebells Learning Center

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Located in 6th of October, Bluebells Learning center has the resources and expertise to help identify the reason behind your child’s struggles. If you have concerns when it comes to your child’s speech abilities in comparison to his peers or if you’re worried about specific behavioral issues or cognitive abilities such as ADD, ADHD or any other diagnosis, Bluebells will help you understand not only how to deal with the issue, but also the best way to overcome it through specific therapy.

They also offer occupational therapy to aid with motor skill problems such as the ability to grip or hold the pencil correctly, as well as balance and coordination issues, too. Through play therapy, they can really enhance the skills that a child needs without it being too strict or boring for your child. And if your child needs support when it comes to literacy or numeracy, they also help with customized plans to help get them up to the level they need to be at. In order to get more information, you can visit their Facebook page or call them at 0100 076 1084.

Effective Learning Foundation (ELF) 

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Located in Maadi, ELF aids your child if they struggle with everyday tasks through improving motor skills, balance and coordination also known as Occupational Therapy. They also work on improving your child’s cognitive abilities which influences how the child learns, pays attention, and approaches problem-solving. At ELF, you’ll also be able to get your child aid for any speech impairment, as well as difficulties in literacy and numeracy. In order to get more information and understand how to get the support you need for your child, you can contact ELF through their Facebook page or by phone at 0111 020 3045.

Learning Resource Center (LRC) 

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Being one of the first places that offer aid for children with learning difficulties, LRC has been operating for over 20 years. LRC has been providing diagnostic and consultative services for children of all ages who have a broad range of learning difficulties, developmental disorders and/or behavior problems.

They provide assessments, consultations, specialized therapies, and in-service training for schools and/or parents, as well as support to families in accepting and dealing with their child’s difficulties. In order to find out why your child is struggling, you can get an assessment, consultation and customized action plan for your child to help develop and improve the difficulties they’re facing by visiting their Facebook page or contacting them via phone at 0122 233 2809.

Maadi Psychology Center 

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While the Maadi Psychology Centre does not deal with developing a child’s specific learning difficulties, it does help in developing behavioral and cognitive problems that prevent a child from acquiring knowledge. It is also one of the places where you can get an assessment for your child and help identify the issues that need to be tackled in order to move forward. You can find more information by visiting their website or contacting them via phone at 01284436347.

It’s time to fight the stigma surrounding therapy and try to develop Egyptian kids to become the best possible versions of themselves.



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