November is just around the corner and the hassle of school applications has just begun. With so many different schools and education systems in Egypt, choosing the right school for your child has become a real headache. You ask your friends, google schools of your preferred system, log into Facebook and ask on mommy groups, but moms will eventually give you contradicting reviews about the same school, and leave you more confused. Well, your keyword for picking a school is “Convenience”.

Factors to consider when choosing a school for your child:

School location

how to choose the Right School for Your Child ?

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The first and most important factor you should consider is how far the school is from your home or job (preferably home depending on your transportation arrangement). This will filter down your school search and ease the process. Practically speaking, it’s exhausting for a child to commute long distances to school and back after a long day. No matter how good that far away school is, there’ll always be another satisfying option in your neighborhood.

School fees

how to choose the Right School for Your Child ?

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Okay, I have a lot to argue about here. There’s this recent trend where young parents choose expensive schools in hopes of being top leading ones. The fees exceed the families’ financial capabilities, in return for a good education.

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Seeking the best for your child is something that all of us parents do, especially when it comes to education. However, you need to think twice. With the insane fees of international schools, you need to weigh the financial burden your family has to endure. This might indirectly affect your child negatively because financial burdens mean you won’t be able to cope with the other requirements/standards.

how to choose the Right School for Your Child ?

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Schools have a lot of hidden fees that you don’t know about as application fees, donations, uniforms, school supplies, bus, school trips, school events, after school hours for working parents, etc.

You just need to search well. Don’t overload and stress yourself as it is not a healthy atmosphere for your kids. You can always enrich the child’s knowledge and skills through extracurricular activities, sports, travel, courses, summer camps, voluntary work, and so on.

School community

how to choose the Right School for Your Child?

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Choose a community where you naturally fit in without trying hard. This will create a healthier environment for your child, and a more relaxed one for yourself. It’ll also help children stay true to themselves, and that’s the essence of self-acceptance and personal growth.

Parents’ reviews vs your assessment

You will be given different reviews about the same school. That’s normal if you understand that reviews are based on personal experiences. So based on my experience, a school should be reviewed according to the headmaster/management and the teachers. You can get all the information you want about the school management and their vision and direction and see if it matches yours.

The second thing is your child’s teacher and how she treats kids, especially at the kindergarten levels. Honestly, this is something you’ll not know before trying it yourself, however, very specific reviews here might help. The bottom line is being specific with your questions about each school.

School vibes

how to choose the Right School for Your Child?

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Never ignore the vibes you get from the school once you enter. Places have energies, and this is an energy that your child would be stuck with for at least an academic year. This doesn’t have to come from fancy entrances, buildings, a view, or greenery; it’s just something you feel in your bones. So give yourself some space to follow your instinct and your child’s too.

We hope that these tips help everyone going through the phase of applying to schools. Remember, it’s a full package. The best package is a convenient one. If your children are enrolled in schools, let us know on which basis you selected the perfect one for your child.


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