Looking for a break from mama-hood and just having an adventurous day out? Mama’s day out doesn’t always have to be relaxing, but can definitely involve a whole lot of fun. You’d be surprised by the adventurous places found in the heart of Cairo just waiting for you to re-kindle your love for thrill and get your adrenaline pumping. Here are the best ways to enjoy your much-deserved me-time:


Image source: Finger Lock’s Facebook Page

Located at Gold’s Gym New Cairo branch, you’ll find the one and only FingerLock rock-climbing experience. With an indoor rock-climbing facility, you’ll get the chance to experience the wilderness indoors. Learn top rope and bouldering techniques, enjoy a thrilling workout and get your adrenaline pumping by trying to reach the top. While it does seem initially difficult, the instructors give great tips on how to climb with minimal strain on the arms.

Booking in advance is required, but all you have to do is call or message their Facebook page for confirmation. It costs EGP 185/person for an hour.


Image source: Nile Kayak Club’s Facebook Page

Get to experience the beauty and serenity of the Nile while kayaking on the weekend. Every Friday and Saturday, Nile Kayak Club offers a one-hour kayaking activity that anyone can join. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you’ll definitely enjoy the gorgeous, sunny weather with a slight breeze on an empty Friday morning. Be prepared to row your way through the flowing river and see different parts of Cairo from an entirely new perspective. The best thing is that it only costs EGP 180.

Mario High Ropes

Image source: Mario High Ropes Facebook Page

Get over your fear of heights with an adventure that will spike up your adrenaline. At Mario High ropes, you’ll be able to experience the sense of flying as you zip-line through the air and scream your lungs out and release all the tension you’ve been building up. You can also experience out-door rock-climbing with all the safety equipment needed as well as playing rope games such as high ropes and low ropes.

Crossing through wooden bridges and experiencing difficult tasks will remind you how much fun it is to be outdoors. Located in Mokattam, the prices of this adventurous activity are very reasonable. Rock climbing is for EGP 50, while Zip lining and low ropes cost EGP 75 each and High ropes are for EGP 100, which means that you can enjoy everything this miraculous place in the heart of Cairo for just 300 LE.

Nile Bike

Image source: Nile Bike’s Facebook Page

Brought to Cairo all the way from Italy is a unique activity that allows you to cycle on the Nile. Mixing between cycling and floating, the Bike is positioned on top of floaters that move as you pedal. The session usually lasts for half an hour, which is just enough time for you to enjoy the experience without collapsing from exhaustion. Each half an hour costs EGP 100 and is available for rent from 9 am – 4 pm every weekend. However, you need to book before you go by messaging NileBike’s Facebook page.


Image Source: Scull & Blades Facebook Page

One of the best things about rowing is that it takes up to seven people in one boat. So, leave your kids at home, take your mommy friends and enjoy working as a team rowing together in sync. It’s also an excellent workout. You can race against other boats for an even more thrilling experience, but if you know you’ll get tired, you can secretly sit at the back, so no one will notice if you stop rowing.

In order to check the schedule and book, you can download the Sportoya app which tells you how many slots are available for different timings. It lasts for an hour and costs EGP 250 and can be taken from Maadi Yacht Club.

Escape Room 

Image source: Escape Room

There are many escape rooms in Cairo, but they all revolve around the same concept. You’re blindfolded and taken into a room where the door is locked behind you once you’ve all entered. Your mission is to try and break-out of the room by solving the riddles and clues before your time is up. Each room has a specific theme and includes a number of clues that help you solve the mystery.

In just 60 minutes, you and your team members look for clues and collaborate by putting your greatest minds.  It’s not always easy and requires great teamwork, but engages your mind in a way that will completely help you unwind from any stress or worries you might have.

Having fun, doing something different and allowing yourself to engage in a unique experience will not only give you the much-needed break you deserve but will also give you energy to take on motherhood with open arms. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your me-time and have fun!


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