Nada Kabil


The Truth About Egyptians Living Abroad with Kids

Living abroad with kids is not all rainbows and sunshine. There are many Egyptian privileges you will deprived of once you leave your homeland.

How Much Impact Does Egyptian Media Have on Our Children?

Everywhere we go there are screens around us. Is there a subtle media influence on Egyptian children?

Is it Selfish to Have Just One Child?

Deciding to have a baby isn't easy, especially when you've been through it before and you know how much time, money, and effort go...

Dear Husbands, Here’s How You Can Help Full-Time Mothers

Being a full-time mother is a tedious job. Here's how every husband can make his wife's life a little bit easier.

How to Spot Series: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

It's that time of year where your child comes home sick every other day from school or nursery. While sometimes it's just a regular...

6 Adventurous Activities to Do in Cairo to Take a Break...

Need a break from motherhood? Here are the coolest activities you can do right in the heart of Cairo.

How NOT to Raise an Egyptian Son

As an Egyptian mother, raising a son can be one of the most difficult tasks that lay upon you. You want your boy to feel loved and conquer the world. Here are some common mistakes every parent should avoid.

Why Are Kids Solely the Mother’s Responsibility in Egypt?

Why does the responsibility of children lie solely on the mother? Many men refuse to contribute and help their wives. This needs to change.
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