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7 Online Egyptian Stores That Sell Customized Baby Gifts

Bored of ordinary gifts and you want to buy baby customized ones? Check this list.

Places to Buy Maternity Bras in Cairo

Here is a comprehensive list of stores that sell nursing bras in Cairo.

Success Story of a Young Egyptian Boy Bullied For Dancing Ballet

We talked with the beautiful Shereen Adel, the mother of talented Mohamed Moataz, AKA Mado, who chose to play ballet!

Top 5 Egyptian Hospitals Labor Costs

Spoil yourself and attend a yoga class instead of wasting your time and energy to make phonecalls to research labor fees. We've got your...

5 Top National Egyptian Schools’ Assessment Process

We’re bringing you 5 of the most selective national schools’ applying process.

Cartoon kisses: What should I tell my child?

Coming across cartoon kisses is inevitable. What should parents do if they come from a conservative Middle Eastern culture?

4 Reasons Your Pregnancy Test Is Negative, Yet You Are Pregnant

Your period is late? You're having pregnancy symptoms? However, your home pregnancy test is negative, although you are carrying a child. Here are some...

Jumia and Rahet Bally Join Forces for Insane Black Friday Offers

Black Friday is upon us and so are the jaw-dropping discounts all over the city. One platform that has some of our favorite offers...

Egypt’s International Schools: An Educational System or Social Standard?

However, is it only the level of education? Or international schools became more of social standard? In another words, does enrolling your child in an international school give you the social image you want and give him an elite community?

My Daughter Told Me She Hated God

Our certified Positive Discipline Educator from US Positive Discipline Association, Rana Hany, shared with us the most common questions kids have about God and a guide on how to answer them.

Rahet Bally Mamas Share with Us Weird School Interview Questions

Applying to an international school in Egypt is always nerve-wracking. But what about the ridiculous questions parents get asked? Rahet Bally moms share with us some unexpected questions.

6 Things Egyptian Asthmatic Kids Should Avoid This Season

Since 10% of Egyptian kids are diagnosed with asthma, we interview Dr. Adel Khattab, professor of pulmonary medicine at Ain Shams University. He told us the most important things to avoid to keep our kids in the safe side.

Egyptian Super Mom Successfully Pumps 21 Liters of Breast Milk

Meet Sarah Akram the iron momma who pumped 21 liters of breast milk and is exclusively breastfeeding her twins.

5 Halloween Costumes Egyptian Mothers Wear Daily

Every day is Halloween when you're a mom.

Halloween in Egypt: Harmless Fun or Loss of Identity?

Halloween in Egypt ... Halloween has always sparked controversy amongst Egyptian parents. Should we celebrate or not?

I Stopped Asking My Kid to Go to Swimming Class

Should I force my child to join a sports class that I wouldn't join myself?

16 Egyptian Brands That Will Save Every Mother’s Life

Ask a mother about her ideal product, she would probably say fast, accessible and a problem solver. Based on Rahet Bally’s personal experiences, we’re...

Egyptian Venues That Helped Save School Kids During Rain Chaos

Last night's rain mess took over Cairo and led to chaotic traffic and blocked roads. For mothers, this rainy day meant kids stuck in...
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