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The Worst Question to Ask a Married Woman With No Children

“When are you planning on having a baby?”If you’re married and haven’t had kids yet - or aren’t planning to- you must have been...

Noah: Egyptian Boy With Down Syndrome Turns Into Internet Inspiration

Noah is a young Egyptian boy who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Instead of feeling helpless, his mother created a platform to raise awareness and spread love.

How to Prepare Your Child for School Assessments

School assessments are just around the corner and we need to prepare our children academically and mentally.

30-Minute Kitchen Rule Every Egyptian Working Mom Should Apply

A mother's hectic lifestyle can make it very challenging to prepare healthy and nutritious homemade meals. Check out this 30-minute rule that will make your life easier.

School Guide: Egypt’s International Schools’ Fees for 2019/2020

School admissions are upon us and we're all searching, asking and panicking about school applications. Searching for a school can give parents a hard...

Egyptian Schools That Cancelled Halloween Celebrations

Celebrating Halloween in Egypt will always be a controversial topic. Parents and schools can't seem to agree on whether the international tradition is harmless fun or a loss of our identity and culture. Many schools made up their minds this year.

Vodafone Supports Egyptian Employees With 16 Weeks Paid Paternal Leave

Vodafone just announced that it will be adopting a new global policy where mothers and fathers will be supported with a 16 weeks paid paternal leave.

Egyptian Schools That Surprisingly Closed Admission Before November

"How many schools have you applied at so far?" my friends asked."What? It's still October! Admissions haven't even started yet," I naively answered."Are you...

3 Places Where You Can Find Homemade Baby Food in Cairo

Feeding your child homemade and nutritious food could be challenging with a mother's hectic lifestyle. Instead of resorting to preservatives and fried food, Cairo has 3 places that serve baby homemade food.

Free Online and Offline Breastfeeding Services in Egypt

Breastfeeding is a miracle, yet many women find it difficult to create that bond they've longed for. Egypt offers many online and offline free breastfeeding services to help women cross that milestone.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right School for Your Child

November is just around the corner and the hassle of school applications has just begun. With so many different schools and education systems in Egypt,...

5 Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Birthday Cake Options in Cairo

Are you planning a gluten-fee and dairy-free birthday party for your little one? Here are some places where you can find birthday cakes in Cairo.

An Open Letter to Rahet Bally Mamas

Motherhood is more than a constant state of guilt and feeling incompetent.

Where to Find Halloween Costumes For Kids in Cairo

Halloween is upon us and it's time for some spooky shopping with the kids.

Rain Crisis: My Son Wet His Pants On The Bus Yesterday!

Every year Egypt's streets are in complete chaos when it rains. What about the students stuck on school buses for six hours with no access to bathrooms?

3 Cairo Centers Offering Free Breast Cancer Screening

Rahet Bally brings you Egyptian hospitals and foundations that offer free breast cancer early detection, scanning and treatment.

After Miscarriage: 5 Women Share Their Stories

Miscarriage and infant loss are known to be two of the main reasons of depression, especially for women. And since October is Pregnancy &...
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