Being a full-time mother is a tedious job. It is full-time in the sense that you do not have evenings or weekends off. Most mothers don’t seem to complain, and while it can be quite stressful all they really want is a bit of appreciation and small thing to be done by their husbands to help out. The little things make the biggest difference, so dear husbands, please take notes of things you can do that will make a huge difference to your wife.

Spend time with the kids

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As much as every mother needs a break every now and then, even this request isn’t a selfish one. In fact, most mothers just want their husbands to spend time with their kids because they need a strong father figure in their lives. So, whether it’s for a couple of hours in the evening, or taking the kids out on the weekend, give your wife a break and promote a healthy environment at home for everyone involved by just caring to spend more time with your kids.

Be on the same page

When it comes to raising the children, it is important that both parents are on the same page. Just because as a father, you don’t end up spending much time with the kids, it doesn’t give you the right to make up for it by allowing them to break your wife’s rules. Not only is it unfair for the mother to end up being the bad person, but it is also important for the children as well as for your wife that you both have a united front. Stand by your wife even if you don’t agree with her and then discuss it later when the kids aren’t around.

Treat her nicely

Females are a difficult species to comprehend at most times, but all they really need is a bit of appreciation to feel that whatever they’re going through is worthwhile. Making her feel that you understand what it means to be a full-time mother in Egypt and the difficulties she has to go through is enough to make her keep ongoing. Remember, El-kilma El-7elwa can really go a long way and make a huge difference.

Have your own responsibilities

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Whether it’s taking out the trash, driving the kids to practice, or helping them study, taking a burden off your wife’s shoulders will have a significant effect not only when it comes to your relationship with your wife, but also in her overall mood and stress levels.

Don’t be another kid

Be your own independent person. Don’t expect your wife to get up and make you a cup of tea after she’s just served you dinner, but get up and do it yourself! Make her feel appreciated for making you dinner and don’t ask her to go out of her way and make you anything specific. It must sound as a surprise, but the clothes you leave on the floor don’t pick themselves up. You need to understand that your wife is not your mother and stop expecting her to do whatever your mother did for you. You are not a kid anymore, but a fully grown man who should be able to do things on his own.

Take the initiative

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Be more involved whenever you can. If you see something that’s untidy, organize it. If your kid has a runny nose, clean it. If you think your baby needs a diaper change, change it. There are so many small things that you can do that will really go a long way. You won’t die if you prepare the lunch box once or twice a week, after all, it is just a sandwich and some fruits, not exactly rocket science.

While these are just small things, they’ll not only be taking off a mother’s plate, but they’ll also be showing her just how much you understand the load she has and appreciate what she’s doing. And that is the most important thing you can do for your wife.



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