Egyptian Schools That Cancelled Halloween Celebrations

Passant El-Refaey


Celebrating Halloween in Egypt will remain one of the most controversial issues that nobody would eventually agree on. A Facebook post went viral a couple of days ago, when a parent shared a message by The International School of Elite Education, announcing that the school will be cancelling Halloween celebration this year because it contradicts our core beliefs and culture as Egyptians. The post was met with a huge wave of support from a lot of parents.

Image source: Facebook

It turned out that Elite was not the only school that cancelled Halloween celebration. In fact, many parents on social media mentioned that their schools either cancelled or do not celebrate Halloween at all, and these schools include:

Amongst the many schools and nurseries that cancelled Halloween celebrations, some actually made events for the students that are not related to horror and fright.

Image source: Facebook

Parents’ groups on Facebook witnessed intense arguments. Parents who are pro-Halloween celebrations argued that they enrolled their kids in international schools and want them to be exposed to global cultures, claiming that it won’t affect their identity and cultural beliefs. Yet, it will introduce them to the concept of diversity and acceptance of different cultures.

Eventually, if you are against celebrating Halloween, you are free to express your opinion to the school, which should be open to discussing parents’ concerns. If you believe that there’s no harm in celebrating Halloween, we recommend that you dress your kids in the least scary costume, especially for younger children, because simple things such as masks and accessories can be terrifying.



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