Free LEGO Gifts and 100,000 Blocks to Build in Egypt? Yes, Please!

Dina Hashish


One of the biggest challenges parents have to face daily is walking around the house without getting injured by a random LEGO block. Another common saga that takes place in every Egyptian household is trying to find somewhere new and exciting for your child to spend the weekend at.

The Rahet Bally Experience - free LEGO gifts

Image source: Artsy Fartsy and Ava

The Rahet Bally Experience has got you covered, for it is the biggest entertainment event to ever take place in the region. This month, Egypt is all about pampering you and your family at two mega-events taking place at Cairo Festival City and Majarrah.


The Rahet Bally Experience - free LEGO gifts

At The Rahet Bally Experience, LEGO will be giving everyone free gifts. But that’s not all, the Danish toy production company will build a play area with 100,000 blocks. Can you imagine the look on your children’s faces when they see thousands of colorful pieces of all sizes and shapes?

Do you want to hear something even more exciting?

The Rahet Bally Experience - free LEGO gifts

While your child is frantically building a LEGO robot, you and your family will get to pamper yourselves with free makeovers, manicures, pedicures, attend live cooking and fashion shows. And don’t worry about leaving your child unattended. Parents will be supported by professional babysitting services.


West Side Experience:

Venue: Majarrah, Sheikh Zayed.
Date: Friday Nov 22nd and Saturday Nov 23rd.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM.

East Side Experience: 

Venue: Cairo Festival City, New Cairo.
Dates: Thursday Nov 28th, Friday Nov 29th, and Saturday Nov 30th.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM.

Your dream weekend is about to come true!


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