How NOT to Raise an Egyptian Son

Nada Kabil


As an Egyptian mother, raising a son can be one of the most difficult tasks that lay upon you. Living in a man’s world and a society that turns men into controlling, self-centered humans who lack empathy and trust makes it so difficult to shape the character of the man you want your son to be. While Egyptian men have many advantages, they have quite a few characteristics that are in your hand as a mother to get rid of. Here are some examples to help you understand how NOT to raise your Egyptian son:


One of the worst traits that Egyptian men have is the male ego that gives them some sort of superiority over women. Raising him in a healthy environment where there are no differences between him and his sisters, where they all do chores and help around the house will help minimize the size of his ego. Raise a son who understands gender equality.


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Egyptian men are possessive by nature and it can get pretty ugly. This trait is engraved in a boy’s upbringing when the mother herself is possessive towards her children and her husband. Make sure you give them a breather and make them feel that they have enough space to be their own person, rather than just your son.


It is not healthy for any relationship to always have that jealousy factor. It originates from not only having insecurities but also having trust issues with the people he should be trusting the most. Teach them to have faith and trust in others. Remember your kids will most likely replicate what you teach them and how your husband treats you.

Double standards

Do not raise your son with the concept of fearing those around him and becoming a certain persona in front of people just because that’s expected of him. Teach him not to swear in general, instead of only controlling himself in front of the elderly. Teach him not to use people to get what he wants and to only be himself.


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One of the things Egyptian boys are struggling with is not wanting to be a pushover. But in teaching him to stand up for himself, do not turn him into a bully. It is important he understands when to stand up for himself and to never be mean to anyone for no reason. In most cases, being a bully comes from being bullied, so do not let him be bullied at home from his siblings, father or even yourself.


Do not teach them that being a Ragel is a good enough reason to expect the world to fall at his feet. That is what turns them into men who think so highly of themselves and treat everyone as inferiors.


Do not raise your boys to accept love, but not give it in return. Don’t be okay with them not showing appreciation or giving you the affection you deserve. Make them understand that love is a two-way street where they have to give even more than they get.


One of the main problems when it comes to raising Egyptian sons is smothering them with so much love that they become spoiled. Do not raise them to expect that society will cater to their needs and put them into consideration above everyone else.


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Having a temper is one thing, but using that temper to get what he wants is not a nice trait. Remember that children read between the lines and if they see that anger gets results when you or your husband lose your temper, they will follow in your footsteps.


Using fear and anger brings weakness and insecurities. Instead, let your child feel that they can be honest, that they shouldn’t fear you, but feel comfortable around you. Make them feel that there is room for negotiation, understanding, and conversation.

Do not raise your boy to be a mini version of you. Don’t try to fix your mistakes through him or to accomplish your dreams by having him pursue them. It’s time to say goodbye to males having to become a doctor or engineer and start accepting them for who they are.


  1. I can only say goodbye to males having to become a doctor or engineer and start accepting them for who they are, if this male will be a valuable member in the society. But can’t let him to be a failed man.


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