Inspiring Child with Facial Deformity Models for Egyptian Fashion Brand

Dina Hashish


A young Egyptian boy has taken social media by storm today for the most inspiring reason. Mohamed is a social media influencer, but not the kind of Internet famous children you come across everyday. Mohamed has a facial deformity, yet his mother turned him into a social media icon.

The rising star was born blind, without a nose, and has multiple oral deformations. His mother founded the Facebook page, Mohamed Tefli Mo’egeza, to share the trials and tribulations of raising a child with such a condition and to empower parents of children with special needs.

The mother took to social media this week and shared the news that Mohamed has been selected to model for a fashion brand. Talk about inclusion! It all started after Little Fashionista page announced a competition where the cutest child model with the highest social media votes will be selected to model for a brand. The competition was purely for special needs children. Friends encouraged the mother to add her son’s photos, and to her surprise, Mohamed won.

Images source: Mohamed Tefli Mo’egeza Facebook page

Mohamed won multiple outfits by Bono Kids and was asked to model for them. The results truly redefine representation. During an interview on Al-Masa’a DMC with Eman El-Hossary, the mother explained that Mohamed was shamelessly bullied for years and she decided to boldly face the society and raise awareness. The love and support that she has received from social media is indescribable. The hostess asked the Ministry of Education to help Mohamed enroll in a school as per his mother’s request.

Thank you Little Fashionista for representing thousands of children who just need a little bit of love.


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