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“When are you planning on having a baby?”

If you’re married and haven’t had kids yet – or aren’t planning to- you must have been asked this annoying question multiple times. For us, Egyptians, it’s a pretty normal question. Every childless couple is casually interrogated about their willingness to have kids. In fact, we often talk about kids even before couples get married.

If you think it’s normal to ask couples about the when and why, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t ask a married woman about having children.

1- She might not want kids for the time being

Without judgment, a couple might not be ready to have a child considering their current situation. They might want to wait until they settle, or for an opportunity that will enhance their financial status. They might have their reasons for not wanting kids now or at any given time. And that’s okay; it’s a personal -not public- choice.

2- She might be struggling with infertility

You never know if the couple does not want or can’t have kids. If this is the case, and you’re asking a woman why she doesn’t have kids. It will hurt big time.

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3- She might be dying to have a baby but her spouse isn’t

Couples disagree in marriages quite often. It’s possible that one thing they disagree on is children. Yes, not everyone gets married to have babies.

4- She doesn’t really know how to answer your question

Exactly! One of the reasons not to ask a woman about kids is that she doesn’t really have an answer for you, because her response will either be unjustified or sound offensive to you.

5- It is a really annoying question and a sensitive matter to tackle

It’s a really private matter that’s not of importance to anyone except for the married couple and it’s weird when people interfere.

I believe now you have enough reasons to drop the planning-for-baby talk. And always put in mind that married couples with no children are usually under a lot of pressure from their parents, society and other people who always ask them about not having kids. Always.



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