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Generations is a medical genetics lab which specializes in Reproductive Genetics. Our mission is to Provide Certainty and comfort to families and individuals through offering the latest integrated medical genetics services. We have our own local clinics, genetic counselors, labs in Egypt and many international partners in Europe and the US. This allows us to offer Egyptian families genetic counseling starting from couples who are about to get married, and all along the way to ensure healthy pregnancy and offspring. We also work closely with the biggest IVF centers in Egypt and we support and find solutions for both male & female infertility. We also counsel for inherited genetic diseases from Leukemias, breast cancers, and many other common diseases in Egypt like Thalassemia and Familial Mediterranean Fever to avoid passing them on to your offspring. We are the only international recognized and certified Genetics Lab in Egypt. Our lab holds both the American College of Medical Genetics & the American Board of Medical Genetics Certificates. We operate using the latest technologies and following international guidelines and protocols. Our reports are recognized by the biggest genetics institutes in USA and Europe


0 122 291 3333

Villa 27 El Banafseg 9 – New Cairo – In front of Waterway Compound

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