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JK 10%

Clothing / Everything you need for a party.

The Bigger the BOW -- The BETTER THE MOMMY 🙂

We are here to help you provide your little ones with unique accessories that you will not find elsewhere!

JK stands for "Joy Kit " which you will find in our fine collection of numerous unique fashion accessories in a very attractive package.

JK started as a partnership between two mothers of adorable girls (Jojo & Koko). Although those girls are not yet 7 years old, they share a deep passion for fashionable, attractive accessories. Those two mothers used their talent and their imagination to move from satisfying the fashion needs of their own children to satisfying more and more kids' needs for unique accessories!

To order, send us a message on our Facebook page! Tell us this secret word to get your discount: [email protected]

JK Creative Accessories

JK Creative Accessories

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