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Pinop Nursery 15% OFF

Pinop nursery provides the best world wide  education system,  excellent staff  and highly designed classrooms.
– Education  system:
Pinop nursery  is entirely applying  Montessori  education system  that is based on self-directed activity,  hands-on learning  and collaborative play.
– Staff:
Highly trained  Montessori  teachers, understanding Montessori  principles and child development, also having practical experience they need to be successful working with children.
– Classrooms:
Pinop classrooms are Montessori  classrooms, beautifully crafted environments, designed  to meet the needs of children in a specific age range.
20 El-Lewaa Abdel-Aziz Aly st. off Abdel-Aziz Fahmy st. in front of the military  academy.
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