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Prime Clinics 10% OFF

Prime Clinics is a Healthcare facility for your total wellbeing.  All Medical specialties are available inside, under one roof. This means that there is a reliable doctor for any complaint or concern you may have in anything related to your health from head to toe. We are proud to house some of Egypt’s top physicians and University professors. Each with a well-established reputation as well as national and international medical achievements.

Furthermore, Prime Clinics houses an internal laboratory (NSA), the leading experts in the field of Lab Diagnostics, this allows you to finish all your tests and procedures inside and at once. Its whole purpose is to solve your health concerns in the most comfortable and professional way. We care about you, your mood and your setting, that is why there is hardly any wait time inside Prime Clinics.



Palm Hills, St. 88 Mall, 6th Of October 


Katameya Heights, 5th settlement
02 2758 5263
02 2758 5264
011 4731 1137


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