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WHAM Clinics 10-20%

 “WHAM Clinics are specialized in nutrition, laser hair removal,
cosmetology, plastic surgery & psychotherapy (life coaching,
counseling & psychological issues).


  Smouha: 01067665222/4222/3222 – 034295918/48
Louran: 01000603535 – 01207603535 – 035844532
Sheikh Zayed: 01002555550/3 – 0237963005/6
Cairo: 01002555550 /3 02 37963005 /6

 Use your Rahet Bally Card to get the below on-the-spot discounts:
20% Discount on laser procedures or other Nutrition or Dermatological Procedures performed by devices not products.
10% Discount on examination & follow up services.
10% Discount on procedures involving products to be injected or applied elsewise.
5% Discount on medications.

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