4 Week Program

50 Years Old+ Program

A very well designed training program focusing on the weaknesses in your bodies, helping you get rid of back, knees, shoulders and neck pains by strengthening those parts. Our weekly yoga sessions will also help you reduce heart rate and blood pressure and have mental health benefits, such as relieving anxiety and depression. If you’re a 50+ lady, this program is definitely for you.

This High Quality Program is Supported by:

  • 2 Sessions/week giving you a total of 12 sessions [Every week is divided into a Session for strength and a session for yoga]
  • Weekly Tailored Nutrition Plans
  • Online Support
  • Activity: Low to Moderate
  • Diet: Nourishing Diet Plan full of Healthy Recipes for General Health
  • Goal: Body Strength, Injuries Prevention, Correct Body Posture
  • Good For: All levels
Fitness and Yoga Holiday Program

"A healthy & rejuvenating holiday program combining fitness, yoga & healthy eating"

50 Years Old+ Program









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Abs & Gym

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