It feels lately that parents can’t differentiate between school interviews and an embassy one! If you’re applying at one of Egypt’s international schools this year, get ready for a bunch of weird and pointless questions. Rahet Bally mamas share with us some of the weirdest questions they’ve been asked and our virtual perfect answers.

Show me your passports

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The perfect answer: Oh! I thought this school lies within Egyptian land.

Do you have a foreign nanny? What’s her nationality?

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The perfect answer: No. I have Ahlam from Dar Al Salam.

Do you own a home at Egypt’s North Coast?

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The perfect answer: What about Baltim?

What fashion brands do you buy for your kid?

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The perfect answer: He’s the second child, so he wears his older sibling’s clothes.

Which sporting club do you go to?

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The perfect answer: Sanazal Awfeya’a

Do you have an Internet connection at home?

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The perfect answer: And hot water as well!

Do you think about getting divorced?

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The perfect answer: WOW!! School and marriage counseling at the same time!! We’re impressed!

We assume from your job title that your salary is not satisfactory, would you be able to pay the tuition fees?

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There is no perfect answer!

Share with us the funniest or most ridiculous questions you’ve been asked during your child’s school interview.

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