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How to Spot Series: Swine Flu H1N1

Over the past couple of weeks, news has been spreading among mothers that the viral influenza disease H1N1 -also known as Swine flu- has...

6 Things Egyptian Asthmatic Kids Should Avoid This Season

Since 10% of Egyptian kids are diagnosed with asthma, we interview Dr. Adel Khattab, professor of pulmonary medicine at Ain Shams University. He told us the most important things to avoid to keep our kids in the safe side.

Vodafone Supports Egyptian Employees With 16 Weeks Paid Paternal Leave

Vodafone just announced that it will be adopting a new global policy where mothers and fathers will be supported with a 16 weeks paid paternal leave.

The Biggest Mommy/Child Event Is Coming to Egypt This Month

The Rahet Bally Experience is the biggest family event to ever hit the region.

5 Halloween Costumes Egyptian Mothers Wear Daily

Every day is Halloween when you're a mom.

3 Places Where You Can Find Homemade Baby Food in Cairo

Feeding your child homemade and nutritious food could be challenging with a mother's hectic lifestyle. Instead of resorting to preservatives and fried food, Cairo has 3 places that serve baby homemade food.

Free Online and Offline Breastfeeding Services in Egypt

Breastfeeding is a miracle, yet many women find it difficult to create that bond they've longed for. Egypt offers many online and offline free breastfeeding services to help women cross that milestone.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right School for Your Child

November is just around the corner and the hassle of school applications has just begun. With so many different schools and education systems in Egypt,...

Halloween in Egypt: Harmless Fun or Loss of Identity?

Halloween in Egypt ... Halloween has always sparked controversy amongst Egyptian parents. Should we celebrate or not?

I Stopped Asking My Kid to Go to Swimming Class

Should I force my child to join a sports class that I wouldn't join myself?

Where to Find Halloween Costumes For Kids in Cairo

Halloween is upon us and it's time for some spooky shopping with the kids.

Egyptian Venues That Helped Save School Kids During Rain Chaos

Last night's rain mess took over Cairo and led to chaotic traffic and blocked roads. For mothers, this rainy day meant kids stuck in...
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