In less than four years, Rahet Bally has managed to build a support platform for thousands of mothers and women across Egypt with the sole purpose of pampering and guidance. Founded by Egyptian mother, Nadia Gamal El-Din, our full-pledged community of moms has turned into a family.

From offering financial support through Rahet Bally Card, empowering women physically and mentally by giving them access to the best healthcare and wellness services to collaborating with some of the finest parenting coaches, marriage counselors and therapists in Egypt and so much more.

Now that our mission is complete, it is time for a new challenge that will rock the region. We bring you our latest blessing: The Rahet Bally Experience.

What is The Rahet Bally Experience?

The Rahet Bally Experience - moms event - child event

The event is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa. Rahet Bally will celebrate and focus on womanhood by creating a 360 effortless, top-notch and exclusive experience; a place where all members of the family have fun at the same time.

Imagine walking into a glittery and dreamy town that will leave you on cloud nine and make all of your dreams come true. The experience will bring you everything you can possibly imagine from talks, panels, live entertainment, cooking competitions, shopping outlets by local designers, activities, and entertainment for you and your family.

The experience will even include a man cave where husbands can spend some quality time. And the best part is that you will be supported by professional babysitting services while munching away tens of free mini cupcakes by Nola Cupcakes.

Still not excited? Here is a sneak peak of the experience:

The Rahet Bally Experience - moms event - child event

Live Shows:

  • Live Music
  • Stand Up Comedians
  • Panels and Talks by Successful entrepreneurs and moms
  • Workshops by experts covering different topics
  • Live Cooking Shows and Competitions
  • Parades such as Tall Men, Pantomimes, Musicians
  • Static Fashion Shows

The Rahet Bally Experience - moms event - child event

Kids Activities:

  • Arcades
  • Magicians, Photobooths and cartoon characters
  • The National Circus
  • Painting
  • Make your own slime
  • Hair Braiding
  • Crafting
  • Tree Houses
  • Human-Sized Board Games
  • Competitions
  • Storytelling
  • 100,000 LEGO Piece Area
  • Parents and Children Activities encouraging bonding

The Rahet Bally Experience - moms event - child event

Health & Wellness:

  • Pampering
  • Babysitting Services starting for 40-day-old babies
  • Free Makeup, Makeover and Vouchers by Lancome
  • Free Manicure, Pedicure, and Hairstyling by Brew By Snipps
  • Free Facials and Massages
  • One on One Consultations
  • Premium Shopping by offering personal help with strollers     and shopping bags
  • Workshops
  • Workout Arena
  • Yoga Arena
  • Socializing Lounge

The Rahet Bally Experience - moms event - child event


East Side Experience:

Venue: Cairo Festival City, New Cairo.
Dates: Thursday Nov 28th, Friday Nov 29th, and Saturday Nov 30th.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM.

West Side Experience:

Venue: Majarrah, Sheikh Zayed.
Date: Friday Nov 22nd and Saturday Nov 23rd.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM.


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